Gesture-Sign Workshop Prague ’19 – Programme

Gesture-Sign Workshop Prague 2019 – programme (pdf)

16-17 May 2019


Day 1

09.15–10.30          Registration
10.30–10.45 Opening
10.45–11.20 Jan de Ruiter                     Modeling the mystery of iconic gesture
11.20–11.55 Petr Kaderka Using hands to point to words: anaphoric gestures in Czech talk-in-interaction
12.00–13.45 Lunch
13.45–15.45 Poster session 1 & coffee break
15.45–16.20 Benjamin Anible What, if anything, is a gestural cognate effect?
16.20–16.55 Tommi Jantunen Towards multidimensional data and a mixed method approach in the research on constructed action in Finnish Sign Language
17.00–18.15 Gerardo Ortega                       Action as common ground: Insights of action representations in gesture and sign
19.00 Workshop Dinner


Day 2

08.30–09.00          Registration
09.00–10.15 Jürgen Streeck Conceptual action: Some ways in which hands make sense
10.15–10.30 Coffee break
10.30–11.05 Peter Uhrig Theoretical and practical aspects of crossmodal collostructions
11.05–11.40 Silva Ladewig Recurrent gestures and the systematicity of diversity
11.40–12.15 EPoCC project team Taming multimodal constructions in spontaneous interactions
12.15–13.45 Lunch
13.45–15.45 Poster session 2 & coffee break
15.45–16.20 Linda Drijvers The neural mechanisms of how iconic gestures boost degraded speech comprehension in native and non-native listeners
16.20–17.35 Pamela Perniss                     Talking about space with space: Insights from cross-linguistic comparison and language development
17.35–17.55 Coffee break
17.55–19.00 Discussion and Closing (Jan de Ruiter, Josef Fulka)


Poster presentations:

Poster session 1
Anastasia Bauer Comparing “palm-up” gestures and PALM-UP (PU) signs.
Olga Blanco-Carrión Gesture-sign interaction in ballet
Carl Börstell Metaphorical height contrasts across sign languages and in cross-signing
Sandy Ciroux Give a Hand: An Experimental Pragmatic Study of Multimodal Communicative Acts
Julia Gspandl Varying Levels of Lexicalization in the L1 Acquisition of Depicting Handshapes
Simon Harrison Vertical Palm Away/Oscillate: A recurrent form associated with negation in spoken and signed language
Natasha Janzen Ulbricht Learning to use Prepositions – an experiment in theater and gesture complexity
Hu Junfei Gesture retraction: A turn-final “go signal” for timing turn-transition
Valentijn Prové, Kurt Feyaerts, Toon Goedemé, & Timothy Callemein Verbal and gestural metaphors in singing classes: an empirical analysis
Beatrix Schönherr Gestures in Theatre Productions
Markéta Šestáková Principles of Initialization in formation of anthroponyms in Czech Sign Language
Poster session 2:
Hana Buchtelová Grammaticalization in Czech Sign Language
Joanna Filipczak & Anna Kuder Constructed actions in clause-like units in the Polish Sign Language Corpus
Jennifer J. Gago, Bartek Łukawski, Juan G. Victores, & Carlos Balaguer A Study on the Effects of a Embodied Humanoid Robot Representing Sign Language
Rayco H. González-Montesino, Silvia Saavedra-Rodríguez, & José María Criado Aguado Techniques for the translation of metaphors into Spanish Sign Language
Kamila Homolková Means of nonverbal communication in Down syndrome children
Andrea Hudáková Czech Deaf children’s socio-cognitive competence assessed through the Theory of Mind Task Battery
Martin Janečka The relationship between speech and gestures by aphasic patients
Andrea Lackner The nonmanuals-gesture-interface. An emic approach for evaluating the status of nonmanuals by sign language users
Jianan Li, Joran Jongerling, Katinka Dijkstra,  & Rolf A. Zwaan The influence of utterance-related factors and individual differences on the use of direct and indirect speech
Lenka Okrouhlíková GESTURE – SIGN: Emergence of Czech Sign Language (on the background of the works of 19th century authors)
Torill Ringsø Perspective in Norwegian Sign Language (NSL)
Morgana Proietti, Alessio Di Renzo, Anita Slonimska, & Olga Capirci A common taxonomy for coding iconic representational strategies in gestures and signs
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