CALC-2: programme

Voršilská 1, 5th Floor, lecture roomNovember 24Voršilská 1, 5th Floor, lecture roomNovember 25
9:30–10:30keynote: Zlatev
Speech, gesture and depiction in two sand-drawing cultural practices
9:30–10:30keynote: Kuzmičová
Life to text, or text to life?
Children’s views on story and the self
11:00–11:30Martinková & Janebová:
Coming and going in Czech: deictic, or not?
The effect of argument semantics and relative frequency on the perception of passive constructions in Czech
Get fired or get promoted: Beneficial or adversative, and does it really matter?
11:30–12:00Janečka & Veselá:
Using recursive sentences in Czech speakers with aphasia and Alzheimer’s disease
The Spanish conditional and grounding
The role of sequential iconicity in the processing of temporal adverbial clauses: An artificial language learning study
12:30–14:00lunch break12:30–13:30lunch break
The Learning Metaphor Revolution: Metaphors Students Learn by in Corpus Comenius (CorCo) of Learning Metaphors
13:30–14:00Čechová & Henyš:
Phonotactic Probability Effects on Spoken and Visual Pseudoword Perception in Czech
Comparing construals of viewpoint across gospels: A Multiple–Parallel–Text approach
14:00–14:30Brand, Preininger, Kříž & Ceháková
Investigating the socio–semantic representations of L2 speakers of English
The linguistic representation of the COVID–19 pandemic in Czech and Russian mass media from the point of view of the cognitive linguistics
14:30–15:00Preininger, Brand, Kříž & Ceháková
How semantic categories structure meaning: The organisation of socio-semantic information in Czech
15:30–16:00Gutierrez Rubio & Kos:
Conceptualization in naming: a case study on colloquial American Spanish terms for PENIS
15:00–15:30Filip, Smolík & Gerwien
Word imageability and processing of sensory–based decisions
16:30–17:00discussion16:00–17:30business meeting & closing

November 23

Voršilská 1, 4th Floor, room 408panel on Advances in constructional multimodal research
9:30–10:00Opening and panel introduction – Mirjam Fried
10:00–10:20Francesca Masini
Identifying and representing multimodal features of Italian constructions
10:20–10:40Kiki Nikiforidou
Integrating non-verbal features into constructional descriptions
10:40–11:00Bracha Nir
Constructions across modes: the impact of speech and writing on the use of syntax
11:15–11:35Anna Inbar
Grammar and gestures: multimodal studies on clause combining in Hebrew
11:35–11:55Manon Lelandais
Embodied coordination: pushing the boundaries of grammar
11:55–12:15Claudia Lehmann
Multimodal-ish. Multimodal aspects of bounded and free uses of ish
12:15–12:35Gaëlle Ferré
Information structure in (a)typical speech -a multimodal perspective
12:35–14:00lunch break
14:00–14:20Paul Sambre
Multimodality in (Italian) discourse: grammar-gesture-objects
14:20–14:40Jakub Jehlička
Chasing rainbows in multimodal CxG
14:40–15:00Pavel Machač & Mirjam Fried
Utterance comprehension in spontaneous speech: layers upon layers of cues
15:15 – 16:30general discussion and closing
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